We are a relationship focused consulting group that solves complex problems using software driven solutions.

What we do.

Software Development

We think of software development as expressing one or more solutions to a set of problems using code. We are comfortable on most platforms and proficient with small and large scale projects.

Solutions Engineering

Modernize your infrastucture while maximizing your budget. Together, we will architect a scalable, robust solution that grows with your business needs.


Let us help you navigate the technology aspect of your business. Maximize the effectiveness of your spending, reduce labor costs and improve your customer's experience.


Software and people are our specialty. Whether hiring a junior developer or your company's CTO, we are here to help you choose the best possible candidate for the job.

Why we do it.

Whale Enterprises was started out of a love for programming, problem solving and relationship building. We are a group of diverse and extremely talented individuals who share a passion for technology and its use in solving interesting problems. Each day we get to wake up, drink coffee, and hack with our friends. Consequently, we make a positive impact on the businesses we work with while improving the lives of those they employ.

Who we are.

Juan Biscaia

World traveler, family man, Javascript framework guru and full stack engineer.

Sean Brown

Founder, self taught programmer, business enthusiast and adventure seeker.

Kieran Davis

Computer whisperer and perennial explorer, always looking for the next challenge and a broader perspective.

Cameron Dudley

ASU graduate with a BS in Computer Science and an unmatched passion for all things programming.

Doug Moore PhD

Physicist with a PhD from Baylor University who enjoys information theory and hardcore mathematics.

Jon Salsman

A quick witted industry veteran and gifted programmer with a passion for body building and e-sports.

Emma Voron

Rubiks Cube wizard, talented singer and professional bug hunter.

Contact us.

Work with us.

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